Package design for mobile phone II - Package is designed as a luxury, translucent display of the mobile phone. It is designed separetely as a box for phone and recharger. Not always consumers need to buy the recharger together with the phone.
Package design for mobile phones - The package is designed as unexpensive environment friendly box made out of one cardboard sheet cut and folded.
Aqua - Up side down standing PET bottle for soda. cooperation with Filip Streit
Bottles for engine oil - Blow moulded plastic bottles, for technical oils, were designed in 1L, 4L and 10L sizes. investor: Paramo a.s.
Glaze cardboard - Concept of packaging of deeplyly frozen meat, fish etc. Deep frozen meat is dipped in liquid paper (slush) and glazed on the meat. Label is printed on the paper. Consumers melt down the package and flush it to drain immadiately before use. Package is as small as possible, consumers are sure that meat was not melted before.
packaging design
Jan Ctvrtnik
Senior Industrial Designer at Liebherr Ochsenhausen, Germany