Life Drawing - First time using oils, background was done in Photoshop .
Tigers in their environment - This was done 3 months ago in animal drawing class.WE had to go to the metro zoo in Miami and pick animals we would like to sketch and of course tigers are my favorite.
Queen of Hearts - This was during our advance life drawing class in which we had to paint the model twice on the canvas.
The Human Chakra - This is for my Psychology of Colors and for homework she wanted us to do a chakra (aura) chart anyway we like as long as the colors were in order (Starting from the Bottom: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple. If you're interested in what each color represents, browse through the internet. There are tons of sites that talk about Chakra.
Chipmunk - This is for my print portfolio just showing skills in life drawings.
Baby Raccoon - I did this life drawing off a clipping I saw in a magazine.
Woman Posing - Another Print Portfolio Piece
Sleeping Kitten - I saw a pic online of a sleeping kitten and I melted and I wanted to paint it. And So I used Corel Painter to paint it cause I don't think I would've done so well in photoshop.
Life Drawings
Nyisha Haynes
Illustrator and Production Assistant Port Charlotte, FL