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CFDA Cocktail Dresses
Anne Cole Designs - While interning for Anne Cole Swimwear, I designed Cruise 07 group. I made two samples (one on the model, and one on the hanger) that were from my group. I presented the collection to a group of designers and merchandisers from the Warnaco Group.
My couture snow white design I made - the whole back is embellished with crystals
Quiksilver Girls Sp11 launch collection
Autumn collection
Winter Collection
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Comments (24)
  • Nice cloths but I really love the artistry

    6 years ago

  • Design your dress is beautiful. you go to my site. Opinion send.

    7 years ago

  • love the snow white garment! sexy but cute!

    7 years ago

  • gr8 job

    7 years ago

  • beautiful illustrations!! so detailed and fluid :)

    8 years ago

Natalia Giacomelli
Fashion Designer/Illustrator Los Angeles, CA