Odette in snow - the frame of Odette sits in the snow along the banks of the Providence River.
Orange peels - Inspired by the shell-like, protective quality of orange peels
Odette - Junior Year Welding Studio Assignment: Design and build a bed. When I think of a bed, I think of a place of calm and sanctuary. It was important for my bed frame to extend out and over, like a cocoon you can tuck yourself into. The pillows are hand-dyed, individually hand stitched and tailored to fit snuggly in the spaces between the steel rods. This low-lying bed is made entirely of recycled foam and fabric.
early stages of construction - The initial stages of construction
Welding the bed frame - Welding in tight spaces!
Odette in snow
Odette in snow
Natalie Lui
Designer of Furniture & Related Objects Hong Kong, Hong Kong