Book cover illustration
Catching dreams - A cat catching a fish from a dream of a dreaming cat.
Donkey "You can call me Zebra" - A donkey painting himself to look like a zebra.
Easter bunny
Coloring Book Page
Book cover illustration
Witch - Witch on a broom.
Yummy breakfast - A little boy eating his breakfast with wide open mouth.
Love is in the air
Ice skating - It's cold and cold is fun! :)
Grab your star. - A boy reaching for his star.
Peace man - Happy smiling boy with a t-shirt with peace sign on it holding two fingers up showing peace sign.
Insomnia - A man looking out the window in the middle of the night.
Spring call
Happy in her dad's old boots
Dinosaur - Dinosaur with Ginkgo leaves in his mouth.
Chess drama
Always together - Vector illustration of two red roses wrapped together with a golden ribbon.
Chocoholic - Chocolate vector design for t-shirt.
Flying high on love - A little rabbit holding heart shaped balloon and flying high above between the clouds with it.
All eyes and ears - T-shirt design
When pigs fly - Flying pigs and an unflying cow.
Winter joy - Five penguins ice-skating.
Eco chick - Green chicken character design.
Christmas greeting card illustration - Santa Claus modeling his Christmas cookies.
Morning clock - Colored pencils drawing.
Cake time - Children around a big cake waiting with their plates in hands.
Abstract dragon - Doodle illustration of a dragon.
A flower for my mom - Happy gardening girl picked a pink flower for her mom.
Eine Dame - Funny lady.
Brush love - Doodle of two characters on a photograph of two tooth brushes.
Swinging in the rain
Three foxes - Colored pencils drawing of three friendly foxes.
Happy Doggy - Why is doggy happy? Because he found a bone on his back pack trip!
Mum - Mum in her creative state of mind.
Easter posing - Rabbit posing to a little chicken for a portrat on Easter egg.
One two tree
Before and after poodle - Before and after pet grooming. Image of a poodle.
Cat family - Illustration of mom, dad and a little son cat.
Girl with a big umbrella - Illustration of a girl with a big orange umbrella on a rainy day.
Playful cats - Three cats two of them are catching a butterfly.
Dog's communication - How my dog communicates with me. :)
Dinosaur T-Rex - Drawing of a dinosaur t rex.
Hang gliding - Portrait of a hang glider in the air.