Draw Up A Chair Competition Entry "WORK"

The following is an excerpt from the design brief for the competition which this piece was designed to fulfil. It essentially asked for chair design proposals to be placed in Battery Park in NYC - a chair which would be unique, moveable, stackable, and somewhat environmentally conscious.

Why a Moveable Chair?
As the great urban theorist William Holly Whyte discovered: “Chairs enlarge choice: to move into the sun, out of it, to make room for groups, move away from them. If you know you can move if you want to, you feel more comfortable staying put.” The Battery’s movable chairs will delight while they invite, animating the park and making it Downtown’s central meeting place.

Why a Design Competition?
It is an opportunity to excite and challenge the academic and professional industrial design communities to produce a new era in public outdoor furniture. It demonstrates The Battery Conservancy’s commitment to bring exceptional design into the daily lives of its visiting public.

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Nathan Tommer
Industrial Designer Indianapolis, IN