The Light Room

Winner Bronze Award 2010 Koizumi ILDC

This concept is based on the idea of light escaping from a door which is slightly ajar.I love the way that light looks when it is mostly contained within one space but is working to flee into another. The exterior of the piece will be built from solid wood. The inside will be lined with a highly polished steel.There will also be steel pins inside the integrated hinges which hold the walls together. It is my belief that the best way for designers to help protect the earth is to produce objects which have a timeless or essential nature.Objects which embody good design will not be wasted and will last for many generations.The lamp is designed from humble basic materials which can be easily recycled or reused.
It could also easily be made from recycled or reclaimed materials.The light source portrayed is from a standard high effi ciency compact fl uorescent bulb but an LED or other higher effi ciency light source could easily be substituted

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Nathan Tommer
Industrial Designer Indianapolis, IN