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Hear/Here The Future

I made these Videos as a part of a collaborative project in a graduate level class at Herron School of Art and Design. The tittle of the project is Hear/Here The Future. Seven other fine art Grad Students and I along with Five Musicians from the IUPUI School of Informatics were asked to create a two part project to include a live musical performance enhanced with video and a visual arts gallery show featuring a musical performance. Conceptually the project was about projecting ourselves creatively into the 22nd century. What would the art of this century look and sound like? In what condition would humanity be? What are our fears and anxieties about the future etc... This is just a small sample of the video work that I did for this project. Part of this project has since been collected by a representative of the Smithsonian Institute and will become a permanent part of their collection.

Nathan Tommer
Industrial Designer Indianapolis, IN