lamps made of paper and household things - how to make one very easy, blow a balloon, wet and warp a butter paper. tie the end of the paper like toffee wrapper on the balloon . apply glue over it and again wrap another butter paper over it. allow a over night to dry , burst the balloon inside. cut the ends., stick the paper form on a CFL . :) ..easy :)
Off late for greener environment we changed to CFLs to illuminate the rooms. The light was pretty boring, hence I thought of rendering the space with more interesting shades. After going through few peoples work in coroflot, I was quite inspired to take up this assignment on my own ;). I have used things, which were easily available at home or nearby shops. If you need any direction on the same please feel free to ask, I will anyway Shorty upload how to make these lamp shades.
Navin A N
User Experience Designer Bangalore, India