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Fontophobia - prologue: The word phobia is Greek, meaning fear. By definition, phobias are irrational, inexplicable and
illogical fear of a particular object or situation. The challenge was to design poster series for the upcoming
lecture series for the type director clubs.
The solution was to potray the fear as other common phobias. The word Fontophobia was coined for fear of type. The texture and colors lend to the darkness of the subject.

illusive time/ a conceptual calendar - Time a division of year with a begining, middle and an end. b: a moment, hour, day or year as indicated by a clock or calendar. The design objective was to find a innovative typographic solution for the perception of time by looking beyond the predictable format of a calendar.
self promotion - prologue: The objective was to design a self promo based on the idea that you are your surrounding. The
piece must have a real end use.
epilogue: Design is similiar to cooking, it is an collaborative effort, it requires the right touch of ingredientsto make a good design . Communication is the key to any design. The best design have a balance of flavor that harmonize to create an effective message
Lego annual report - Founded in 1932, lego in english means “play well”. In latin “I study” or “put together”. The objective was to develop a clear message that would convey the companys philosophy of play well. A philosophy encouraging children to be open and curious. Lego is a company that is entirely dedicated to the well being and development of children.
Retail Catalog/ Bombay Company - The style and tone of Bombay reflects a sophisticated look featuring classic and traditional furniture, as well as coordinating accessories and wall decor. The objective was to potray furniture that is rational in concept but rich in shape, form and materials.
The sleek, minimalist design of the catalogue allowed the product to play the hero without eliminating the opportunity for a strong overall look and feel.