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Layout for a proposed 4-panel brochure for Pacific Power's Wildfire Safety Program
Pacificorp Savings and Energy Choices Style Guide: layout
Brochure for The Portland Clinic: layout and production
Generic notecard for The Portland Clinic: layout and production
Doctors Intro card for The Portland Clinic: layout, icon creation, production
24x36 poster for The Portland Clinic: layout and production
Intel postcard: design, layout and production
Large format sign for Intel: design, layout and production
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Large format signage: layout and production
Intel brochure for 2016 technology partners: final file work involving layout adaptations for multiple language versions
Intel B2B paper: layout and production
Banner Bank Home Mortgage flyers: layout and production
Product catalog - One of a series of three Northwest Hardwoods product catalogs.
Signage - Outdoor signage created for Rimrock State Park viewpoint and trail. Hand-drawn illustrations sent to me, which I then scanned and colorized and used in the layouts: design, layout and production
Brochure - A brochure created for new enrolling parents at Kindercare Learning Center.
Banner - Banner created for Animal Aid, an animal shelter in Portland, OR.
Banner - Proposed banner for Animal Aid, a non-profit animal shelter in Portland.
advertisements - A series of templated KinderCare Learning Center ads in various sizes created for use in publications, using existing brand standards.
Advertisements - Publication ads for The Grove School
Logo design - concept and design of a set of logos
Logo design - Logos created while at East Bank Communications
Postcard - Postcard for KinderCare Learning Centers
Corporate identity - Pocket folder and business card designed for Knowledge Universe, the parent company of Knowledge Learning Corp.
Poster - Poster design for corporate use
Direct-mail brochure; logo design - Logo and brochure design for a KinderCare after-school program
Direct mail brochure - SW Washington Medical Center direct-mail brochure to introduce the community to the new Heart Center
Direct Mail brochure - Direct-mail brochure for M. Graham Co., a company that makes hand-crafted paint for artists.
Nike Retail Identity guide - 20 page retail identity guide for Nike Asia-Pacific region
Nike Presto shoe store display diagram - Presto shoe display diagram for Asia-Pacific region stores
Product Catalog - 44 page product catalog for Phoenix Gold home audio components
Promotional gift calendar - Gift calendar for KinderCare
Trade Show signs: production
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Neena Petersen
Graphic Designer/Production Designer Portland, OR