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2002-Persian Mona Lisa : May - Mix media- based on Persian Figurative carpets

Published by Nazar Publishing co. Tehran 2002

2008-Postal Card - Pencil & Photoshop/ Postal Card,
here 'The Bull' is a symbol of love
2003-Postal Card - Collage & Colour Pencil-Poetal Card
(Based on taking the Miniature's composition and details and using it in a new way)
2004-The Void Cafe - Collage & Colour Pencil & Photoshop- Self Promotional work
2009- The Cat: Our Country - Iran After Election in 2009
2007- Ghosts of Art: The Music - Pencil & Collage-2008 Participated in "Teatrio" Bienial -Chiogia: Ghosts & get aways- Italy , Published as postal Card by cultural Society of Iranian Illustrators
2009-SpotLight fishes - Print & Collage-Non-Published
2009-The Earth/Padova - Collage & Pencil-Participated in Annual exhibition of Padova Museum
More Information:
2006-Deliverance - Mix Media-Participated in the 2th " religion's storys" illustration exhibition of Isalmic countrys-Iran
2009- Emmigration - Pencil & Photoshop-Self Promotional work
2007-Italian food - Pencil-Illustrated for an Italian Cooking-book/A group work illustrated recipe book
more information:
2008-All My Hands - Illustrated for a Short Story
"Jashn-e Ketab" Literature Magazine, Karevan Publishing co.
2008-New Year in Prison - Mix Media- Designed for 'New Year' Postal Card- To be sent to Iranian Ms To notice about Human Rights in Prisons, for Association for Supporting political Prisoners in Iran
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Negin Ehtesabian
Freelance Visual Artist Tehran, Iran