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BADPANDA - One of my would be avatars...
im a panda wearing pants...ripped pants at that. coz im down like that yo!
EYEBEAM - just having fun using photoshop. kinda childish...
but it'd be awesome if i could really shoot beams from my eyes.
BARKADA - toon versions of my me and my friends.
SKETCH - just a quick random sketch, just added the parchment effect using photoshop.
COLLAGE - a collage i made for my friends.i suggested we print it on some shirts...and they suggested i shut my mouth.
such supportive friends, if i may say so myself. *sigh*
La Lang... - just something i played around with in photoshop. didn't know what to do with it so i put it in a mug.
unfortunately someone stole the mug...probably hated seeing my mug on a mug.
man that's corny. sorry folks.
Neil Joseph Villaver
Graphic Artist/Designer Pasig, Philippines