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CD-rack - Make it yourself
Its damn cheap
All you need is waste wire (fencing mesh)
And 2 pieces of wood
And you have a CD rack
The only thing expensive
Is the CD’s
Folding Stool - OPEN it
its so SIMPLE.
bamboo paper clip - Assignment:
Redesigning a paper clip.
My Concept:
Piece of bamboo split into 2
and a rubber'band.
Cleo (H2o Container) - Clarity is to see through. Clarity inspires. Cleo is clarity. Made of glass, involves a play of positive & negative space, using the silhovette of a mineral water bottle. A new visual language. Light enough for comfortable handling. It invites me to lift it and quench my thirst .A refreshing break for my weary senses.
Water …in board rooms, conference halls, restaurants.
As Cleo stands for fresh water, for a fresh start…
Conceptual sketch - 1)
Cosidering a parallelogram
as the basic shape
modifying the form
to create this set
of upholstered furniture.

Why sit on one seat
Sit on many
Change postures
Stretch out
Fall asleep
Get cuddled
Get stuck
Have FUN.

A Bench for two
Made out of bent ply or
Laminated metal sheet and
Bent steel strip for the armrest

Does it remind you of a commode
I was inspired by it
Modified the flush to
A back rest while sitting in normal position
& a table top while sitting in opposite direction
with hi-end lap-top connection
So who says
Going to the loo is a waste of time?

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Old work
Neil Dantas
FUN-tional Designer Mumbai, India