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Since childhood
seen people wearing polka
dresses, ties, table cloths, dot dot dot ...
They are still used on something on the other.
Psychologically I used to tell myself
poor dots, they are in a cluster,
so people look at the over-all pattern,
which is beautiful though!
Thus made this, where each one could be focused on.
Perhaps you could count
how many polkas inside each Polka.

concept dt: 9th Jan 2011
concept dt: 5th July 2011

in short, We are in LOVE
concept date: 2013
What's in a name?

if it keeps on changing without a valid reason!
By changing names of places, castes, or your own name,
I don't think any good happens.
concept date: Nov 2009
Whatever I do is (C)

Do you copy? Good!
Cause you can do nothing better than that!
But, Whatever I do is "Copyright"
concept dt: November2006
Whatever i do is (C) - NEW - Due to public demand this tEE has gone for reprint.
Is goNNa be available only in regular fit
& the above colour in
sizes: M, L & XL
I VOTE - this ones for aLL those who Voted
& feel proud of doing so

Available in those 2 colours
- Regular fit : S M L XL
- Womens fit : S M L
I LOVE MUMBAI - This is for Mumbai Lovers, available in:
- White/Blue/Red/Black for Guys : S M L XL
- White/Blue/Yello/ Balck for Gals : S M L
BOMBAY get carried away - This is for Bombay Lovers,
available only in:
- Regular Fit : S M L XL (in Brown)
i am the BEST - A perfect Bombayite/Mumbaite t-shirt,
in competition to I love NY.
The heart doesnt mean NY
but the BEST logo here is aLL about Bombay~

available in red & black:
- Regular Fit : S M L XL
- Womens Fit : S M L


(concept: Nityesh Dharampal) dt: Oct2008
Speak Mumbai Speak - Terror hit us Once Again
So we've started speaking.

We currently have it with 4 different messages:
- Terror is like a bad Tooth it needs Extraction
- "Enough" said now DO
- Mumbai lives on...
- I waNNa live !
Smoking Kills - bronchitis; asthma; gastrointestinal difficulties, constipation, diarrhea; nausea; convulsions; insomnia;
heart murmur; arthritis; nervousness; gastric, duodenal, and peptic ulcers; lung cancer; cancer of the lip, tongue, pharynx, larynx, & bladder; emphysema; high blood pressure; influenza; pulmonary tuberculosis; tobacco amblyopia; impared hearing;
decreased sexual activity & mental depression


need we say more?

(concept: Neil Dantas + Anil Parmar) dt: 1stSept2008
FORGET superman TRY ME - batman, spiderman, superman...
Everybody loves Superheroes.
But, whose the real HERO?
did you ask yourself?
did you look into your mirror today?
And why you telling the world about other heroes
that neither you nor they have ever seen for real?
Lets forget them for once. And show the world what powers WE possess ourselves.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 2006

Eye-Q Test - It’s not the eye that’s needed to read this.

You take the test.
Be the Doc.
It’s not about the eyesight,
It’s about the IQ.
He who has it will pass.
He who doesn’t will ASK.

And for those who ask, it reads:
“Ask if you can’t read this message printed on this shirt.”

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 5thFeb2006
Whatever I do is Copyright - To all Apists

Every action
Every Word
Every Breath
i take is Unique.

For years
You've squandered
All my ideas bright.
But, henceforth
Whatever I do is "Copyright"

Do you copy?
Cause you can do nothing better than that!

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: November2006
BSExy - "Be SEXY"

Q] Why?
A] This is about
Our lesser Known Edge
Which though efficient
Caters more to sufficiency

In fact we're the Best
In the Market
Cos We rule the "Sensex"
Let me inform you
It stands for Sensual Sex

Though in the Market
We're free from any risks
Cos we Trod a Safer Route
Being Aids-free is our pick

[ as told to The Doers By our Imaginary
pal at the BSE,name withheld upon request ]

(Concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 2005-2006
I LOVE U : SEX - You're a lover
But Your Libido
Has made u a Liar
Often you're responsible for
Many a Heartbreaks

Wanna LIE
(i.e. next to your Object D' Desire)
And yet not be tainted a Liar
Wear This tee
Speak the truth
and Get fulfilled.

So Woees! Beware!
Cos the Wooers
Might Now have the AIDS to floor you

(The Doers recommend safe sex &
if possible a single love interest,
This tee is meant to be playful and
not intended to defame relationships)

(Concept: Neil Dantas) dt: April2005
Mr. DICK TIONARY - Mr. Dicktionary:
a Human Brain containing a selection of the words of the Sexual Jargon, usually arranged Chronologically, giving information about sexual leanings,positions,orientations,inflicted forms , etc., expressed in either the same or another language; a sex-icon; glossary: Mr.Dicktionary Knows it All ;

Consult Mr.Dicktionary for all your virgin(ity) problems

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 2006
WonderfuL - A tribute to the always 'WONDERFUL' Taj
The tee reads "We've made it WonderfuL"
Can you read WonderfuL in the above graphic? Look Again.
This graphic came out with the coincidence of the
re-voting for the new 7 Wonders of the World (7thJuly2007)
which due to a loTTa support from our indians
retained its slot there.
Thus, We've made it WonderfuL
(concept: Neil Dantas + The Doers) dt: 07 07 07
WonderfuL - A tribute to the always 'WONDERFUL' Taj
The tee reads "We've made it WonderfuL"
Can you read WonderfuL in the above graphic? Look Again.
This graphic came out with the coincidence of the
re-voting for the new 7 Wonders of the World (7thJuly2007)
which due to a loTTa support from our indians
retained its slot there.
Thus, We've made it WonderfuL
(concept: Neil Dantas + The Doers) dt: 07 07 07
CALL ME - Hmmm… So you just love that funky new ring-tone on your cell.
You wish people would call you just that you can hear it over and over again!
But most people don’t know your number.
You wish your number were on hoardings all across town.
Well, now you can do just that!!!
All you’ll need is a marker, this T-shirt & good colouring skills.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 7thAug2006-10K137
We still holding on - We're a bunch of people who came together
and made a print on T-shirt
in reaction to the 7/11 serial Bomb-blast incident
in the local trains of Mumbai (2006).
It reads "We still holding on"
with an iconical handle
used in the local trains.

(concept: The Doers) dt: post 11thJuly2006
DRINKS ON ME ** - Always read the fine print.

You hastily read the ad and went in for that scheme.
Now you repent everyday, cursing the fine print (tucked in that corner).
The money you lost bought’em beer.
Wanna get even?
Go on. Throw a party.
Yes throw a party & reveal the fine print later.

The fine print on the corner of your T-shirt reads:
** Only if you do whatever I say

(concept: Nityesh Dharampal + Neil Dantas)
dt: 25thAug2006-10K155
Get Over Alcohol - Fall for it
Get over it

(concept: Insignia + Neil Dantas) dt: 10thAug2007
Make the Right Choice Together - Condoms will always have their Limitations
Two beds will always give you discomfort
Desires will never tell you where to draw the line
Pleasure will be well deserved
Only if you have the willpower
To make the right choice together

( The Doers recommend safe sex preferably with single partner)
(concept: Insignia + Neil Dantas) dt: 10thAug2007
LOADING - Latest Soft-wear
Download trial version
Upgrade yourself

No hackers. No viruses.
No bugs. No piracy.
This soft-wear is so user friendly,
you wouldn’t wanna go anywhere without it.
Constant upgrades available.
Download trial version NOW!!!

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 2ndAug2006-10K132
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