Verona Coffee Table

Verona is a modern resemblance of a classic renaissance style. Its smooth lines lead into emphasized endings, but there is one major difference to the classic table. The key design mantra is that of ?the single simple form being repeated to create seaming complexity', something that is evident in the table's assembly. Two key profiles are repeated to create Verona's supporting legs and main compartment, with the gaps between profiles creating a risky relationship between aesthetics and functionality. The spacing between the wooden profiles are however smaller than a typical pen and therefore will cater for all general purposes as a coffee table. The Verona challenges the users perception of what is useful and useable. The table subtly takes engineering to a max, by having only a single connection between the two halves of the table, the centre section is cut out; leaving the table in constant tension.

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Neil Macqueen
Design Engineer Bristol, UK, United Kingdom