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Keef's Rod & Custom's '78 Camaro Rendering - The final rendering for a badass '78 Camaro. It's being built with an all steel front clip that will be shortened 4 inches, utilizing '70 Camaro bumperettes. The rear clip will be a custom mix of '70 and '69 parts, with a custom rear "overhang" for aesthetic purposes. Wheels are Bonspeed "Lightweight" with the spoke recesses painted body color which is "Cyber Gray Metallic" (2011 GM) Size: 24x18, Materials: Colored Canson paper, Prismacolor/Chartpak marker, B/W prismacolor pencil, and airbrush.
G-Force Design Concepts '62 Impala - This concept rendering was completed to verify it's paint scheme. Prowler Orange with Charcoal trim, and stripes. Wheels are Rushforth Whiplash, charcoal centers, and brushed hoops.
Keef's Rod & Custom's '78 Camaro
Keef's Rod & Custom's Suburban - Recently became a scrapped project, sketch is still valid though!
'69 Camaro
'69 Camaro
BBT Fabrication's '67 Mustang
BBT Fabrication's '67 Mustang Color Study
BBT Fabrication's '50 Ford Presentation Panel
BBT Fabrication's '50 Ford Color Study
'66 Mustang Fastback 1 - Front clip sketches for a highly customized '66 Mustang Fastback. Subtle European styling modifications.
'66 Mustang Fastback - Rears.
'66 Mustang Fastback 3 - Front 3/4 veiw.
'66 Mustang Fastback 4 - Rear 3/4 View
'65 Mustang - A quick sketch of a '65 Mustang Coupe. Details include, Lowered, new Mustang wheels, an Eleanor hood scoop and fender flares, blacked out trim, and a gun metal combination paint scheme.
'74 TransAm - A few quick sketches of a '74 TA, lowered with New Gen "Anarchy" wheels. Custom touches include '69 TA side scoops, and a custom rear valance.
'68 Oldsmobile 442 - A quick sketch of a '68 442 for V8TV.com, lowered, bigger wheels (SSII style), and original "Teal Frost" paint with a silver stripe.
'73 Camaro - A second gen Camaro for a recent client. Satin orange base, black and white stripes. The bottom two are based off the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport stripe package.
'70 Camaro "High Class" - Three different color schemes for a recent client. A 1970 Camaro named "High Class" 1. Sage Green/Champagne 2. Pewter/Red Wine 3.Champagne/Red Wine. Be on the watch for the higher quality rendering in the near future!
'68 Buick Riviera - A quick sketch for Kevin at V8TV.com, a '68 Riviera that's low and mean, and sports a set of enlarged original rally wheels.
Gabe's '72 Nova - A buddy from the forums of Lateral-G.net wanted a few sketches done to try and help him decide on wheel choices.
G-Force Design Concepts' '67 Mustang - I supplied this concept rendering for G-Force Design Concepts. The rendering itself was used to verify color and graphic choice.
Mr. Sanders' '73 Dodge - This rendering was a gift for a friend. I heavily modified his car through paper.
Mr. Hammond's '57 Chevy - This rendering was a gift for a friend. Mr. Hammond's '57 Chevy Bel-Air sports a few customizations such as a lowered stance, deleted trim, addapted '57 Buick grille, and a number of smaller details.
Project "No Apologies" - This is a personal project of the family, a '68 Oldsmobile that's far from original. A powerful Olds 455cid. engine will be under (or protruding out from) the hood.
Project "No Apologies" Side - This side view will be used as an overall layout for paint design.
'62 Chevy Impala Convertible - '62 is one of my favorite year Impalas. This design is content with just a few modifications, lowered stance, bigger wheels, deleted trim, and a recessed grille.
Good Vibrations - My personal project, a '69 Oldsmobile that gets it's name from The Beach Boys' tune, "Good Vibrations" Look for this rendering later on in it's own folder.
Mrs. Hessong's '73 Mustang - Rendered for my High School Art Instructor, this Mustang was done to bring back old memories.
Roma '34 - I call this design "Roma '34" because I sculpted this Hot Rod out of Roma Oil Clay for a Theory and Development of Form class.
"Stainless '34" - I imported "Roma '34" into photoshop to create this piece, the end result looked like an anodized piece of stainless, or aluminum, hence the name, "Stainless '34"
"The Chrysler" - Rave review amongst fellow Hot Rod Designers/Enthusiasts, people refer to it as "The Chrysler" It's a '60 300F that's modified for agression.
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