Reclaiming Public Space through a City-Wide Festival Dalieh - Beirut 2015

Celebrating Urban Border
Reclaiming Public Space through a City-Wide Festival

From Dalieh in Beirut and Comuna 8 in Medellin we have to agree that a sense of belonging from the people inside the space is obviously important. Learning from those comparative contested cities, we can realize that border-making is not a static border that only divided two areas or interests. Instead, it can be acted as active encounters that are continuously shifting the dwellers perception about urban space. Recently, we have to understand that border is not only an obstacle but also an opportunity to deal with. Appealing the ideas that have been done by communities and social coalitions in both cities, this project wants to propose a framework of a city-wide festival to reclaim the space.

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Muhammad Nelza Iqbal
MSc Building Urban Design in Development, UCL London, United Kingdom