AKUZOO | Modular Gear Bag

"Avid adventure sport athletes, we have done our fair share of traveling the world lugging a ton of gear. Everything from skydiving rigs to climbing harnesses, protective clothing, helmets, and scuba gear, you name it. We’ve never found a bag that’s really fit for purpose, that’s built just for us by designers that truly understand the hassle.

. Bags that were too heavy, too flimsy, not enough space, or too much
. Spontaneous side-trips without the right bag
. Repacking and organizing gear on arrival

As a community, we spend loads of money on incredible gear which is designed to have our back! We think we deserve a tailored gear bag; one that is innovative, custom made, and fitting every possible adventure."

Client: AKUZOO

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Neo Nguyen
Industrial Designer Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam