List of machine that we used to make Bambot: - Small Sanding Machine (for sanding) - Circular Saw Machine (for scaling & cutting) - Japanese Hand Saw (for small cutting) - Compressor - Paint Spray Gun (for painting)
We love the bamboo's color, it's sweet, warm and lovely, and so do you!
S2 (customizable color paint on bottom)
- L1 (vertical - long pot)
- L1 (vertical - long pot)
some Event Models
Trust me! Bambot can change the way you feel nature :D
In 3 months, we have sold over 500 Bambots for about 300 customers in Vietnam, most of them are foreigners, coming from Japan, Korea, France, England. We are hoping that someday Bambot will be sold worldwide.If you think Bambot have oppotunities, please contact us!
Bamboo Pot - Wadiary Design

Bambot - Bamboo pot for succulent. "Minimalism in design" combine with "minimalism in making process"

- Designed by Wadiary Design

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Neo Nguyen
Industrial Designer Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam