droidRed - done using photoshop cs3, it took almost two and a half months to complete, mainly because of work schedule. lots and lots of layer blending, pen tool for the shapes, warping and distortion for reflections, dodge and burn tool for few highlights and shadows. also, since i use the mouse, creating each and every shape tested my patience to the core. But in the end, it's worth it get the 4k version here : http://d.pr/JRZd the actual size is 7212 x 4167 thank you all for your time god bless!
life in focus - not much going on though, but i wanted to capture the look and feel of the entire scene ; the green thingys is actually a default photoshop brush, the butterfly was created with the pen tool and a hard brush. finishing : film grain and lens blur, minor color adjustments too. took a day to complete ... cheers everyone!
spring breeze - my latest work. using photoshop cs 3, it took almost two months to complete. dimensions: 6000 x 6000 tools used: pen tool, smudge, color dodge, color burn, hard and soft edged brush. For closeup and wallpaper : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=918987 many thanks to my friends: vivek, dharati, dhiraj, sushrut, rohan, swapna, deepak and vikas for their input. cheers people!
the light inside of me - some things are better left unsaid. done using photoshop cs3, it took 10 hours for completion, tools used : smudge brush, lots of layer transparencies, dodge and burn tool, hard edged brush for blocking, pen tool for linework. reference scene from "memoirs of a geisha" (love that movie a lot!!) http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2005_Memoirs_of_a_Geisha/2005_memoirs_of_a_geisha_002.jpg cheers people! hope you all like it! nevs
firestarter - hi folks! here's another piece, had a lot fun with it! the reference .. meagan good .. http://www.datzhott.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/meagan-good.jpg done using photoshop cs3 .. took me nine hours ... hard edged brush ... tools that i used .. eraser, smudge tool (most important for waves,wisps,swirls) .. dodge and burn tool ... lots and lots of transparency layers for color blends hope you like it cheers everyone!! nevs
sweet as candy - this is one of my most toughest yet favourite pieces to date. i spent a good one month working on it :) i'll now let the title toy with your minds with a sarcastic question; is she as sweet as you would want her to be? created using photoshop cs 3 full resolution size is 4000 px x 5600 px cheers people! take care!
fatal attraction - this little guy found her so beautiful; he just had to have her ... literally! done using photoshop cs3
the showstopper - my offering for the CGSociety Challenge, "strange behaviour" ... meet Celine! ... the robot worker for POSE magazine who against all odds crashes the biggest fashion show of 2007 to fulfill her wish of becoming a supermodel, only to receive a mixed bag of emotions from the audience and the other models .. but all that takes a massive u turn propelling her to become the showstopper! >> Software used : Photoshop & Depth of field generator pro
final act
butterfly vivid wonder
dreamdragon - my entry for the design fusion challenge -- i wanted to make it look more of a spirit of the dream realm filled with color and magic i deliberately didn't add wings for the dragon, nor teeth, ( didn't want a fierce dragon; anatomically speaking )
christmas greeting - an exclusive christmas theme! i've not used any 3d elements at all!... raw photoshop CS2 .. enjoy! p.s. please adjust ur monitor's gamma settings for proper viewing ... cheers people!
chocolate valentine - a valentine's day gift! feel free to send it to that special loved one! created entirely in photoshop CS .. lots n lots of transparencies .. blending modes ... chrome filter .. levels .. gaussion blur .. and lastly ... blood hound search for those delicious chocolate references .. made me drool :O :( enjoy! god bless!
Ford Focus WRC concept
the accomplished - a special piece ... photoshop cs3 ...
work samples