Digital Pojagi(2002) - Experience culture heritage as doing shopping.... Housewives bring goods using vinyl bag when they go shopping but sometimes they forgot what the have to buy. In addition they feel hard to know what they have and don't have in the refrigerator. So I suggest merchandise that is from "Pojagi" that has Korean spirit and culture. We can also feel Korean culture. It can input what we have to buy and also it has networking system with refrigerator so we can check what we need at present.
Dog bowl(2003) - When puppy eat feeds, the bowl does not slide. because puppy steps on bowl with feet and made a bowl with sillicone ruber. As shape in the bottom is designed like sucker of vacuum adsorption, the bolw cling to floor MATERIAL : Silicone rubber, plastic working time: May. 2003
Boa Constrictor pouch - May. 2003 material : Spandex, PC
Motion MP3 player(2003) - Aug. 2003
Theraphy Audio(2003) - Jun. 2003
Elastine Shampoo & Rinse (2003) - working time : Jul. 2003 Solid & Layering & New using
Convergence Mobile Phone(2003) - Mobile Game Phone Dec. 2003 above/ 1. target : teenager 2. Keyword : New material, Emotion + Hi-Tech, With woman Bottom/ 1. Target : Business man 2. Keyword : Prestige, Dignity than persnality, Feankness & Solid
wave_mobilephone_2006 - ....
turning pc - Turning Lamp starts up with a simple pull of a cord as if one were turning on a lamp. With pull the string to turn on the PC on then rotate the cube, the box changes into a different mode, from PC to music player to video player. It is simple and easy enough for each family member to operate. The focal point of this product is in its main body which works as home network hub. Also, with its mouse pen and touch screen keyboard (resembling tree branch) enables various interfaces
2001 2003 portfolio
Seungchan Lee
I ¢¾ Design. Seoul, South Korea