I created this new Xbox concept based on my vision of what the new Microsoft gaming system may look like for newxbox720.com Throughout the process of this project I sent my sketches and early models to the creators of newxbox720.com for approval before moving forward. Each presentation page has a popular game that can be played on the current system hidden in the background of the design layout. The controller design was created by Danny Haymond Jr. so I will not be going into the details of that design.
The top collage bar is made up of some of the sketches in which to explore further to develop the desired exterior design. The bottom collage bar is made up of screenshots sent to newxbox720.com to see some of the different forms before committing to a final direction. The fourth image in from the right of that bar shows the outer and inner shell idea that was carried through to the final design.
On this page, the images show a look inside of what the internals of the new system may have to offer. I added a motherboard to make it look more realistic as well as showing a Blu-Ray 3D drive and cooling fans. This image also shows the 2 USB 3.0 ports hidden in the front of the system and the open disk drive. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports in the back of the system as well.
This page breaks down some of the cool new features and design attributes with the new system concept. This also shows the removable hard drive or HHD located at the top of the system similar to that of the original Xbox 360. The difference in this concept is that the HHD doesn't stick out past the over all shape of the exterior shell but is set in to give a cleaner look from a side view. The circular hole pattern allows for ample air cooling and helps to prevent over heating problems that were so prevalent with the original Xbox 360.

New Gaming console concept done in association with newxbox720.com

Nathan Gendotti
Industrial Designer Stockton, CA