Sliver of the Ocean
Sliver of the Arctic
Sliver of the Flames
Sliver of the Wind
Sliver of the Sky
Sliver of the Jungle
Sliver of the Sea
Sculpture - spring 2008

I have developed from a background in sculpture, and thought I should share some of that work.

Each sculpture is carved by hand out of a solid block of plaster, which was cast in a bucket.

A sculptural concentration based on abstract representations of landscapes and natural elements in carved plaster. These works are not based on direct elements of the landscapes such as leaves. Instead they are based on the general forms and shapes of that landscape, the creatures that live there, and the feelings invoked by the landscape or element of nature. They represent “slivers” of these landscapes or natural elements. For example “Sliver of the Flames” uses the forms, shapes, and flowing movement of flickering flames in an abstract manner. The “Sliver of the Wind” uses sharp and serrated edges in a swirling form to invoke the feeling of a cutting wind.

Nicholas Pennington
Industrial Designer Providence, RI