Wonder Woman - Private commission. Graphite on paper.
Radikah 1 - Private commission for original character. Graphite on paper.
Radikah 2 - Private commission of original character. Graphite on paper.
Private Commission Pin-Up (Adi) - Graphite drawing of an original character for private commission.
Blue Bulleteer Halloween Illustration - Pencil illustration for AC Comics Halloween special.
Dawnstar Pinup Illustration - Private commission pinup art of DC Comics heroine: Dawnstar
Superheroine Costume Design - Study page for costume design of personal character.
Private Commission Pinup - Illustration of original character (Nasi) for a private commission.
Sketch for Private Commission - Preliminary study for a private commission illustration for original character (Talarra).
General Grievous - Graphite illustration of droid general from Star Wars Episode III
Comic Art
Nicholas Mikesell
Product Designer & Illustrator Dallas, TX