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We needed to create a symbol that express the term "Business" and what it means. The only catch was, we had to incorporate at least one elephant in our design.

Business is essentially the partnership or team work to make money or build finance. In my design, the two elephants are putting their trunks together in order to make a dollar sign; they're working together to make money.
CIID is a group of eight different religions who's leaders come together to create peace through communication.

In my design, each coloured dot represents a certain religion. Once placed in the speech bubble, it exemplifies their methods of communication.
The Big Brothers and Big Sisters group is an organization where teens hang out and spend time with less fortunate children, essentially being their big brother or big sister.

In my design, the blue and pink dots represent the big brother or sister and the white dot represents the small child they are helping out.
Fourth Semester Logo Workshops

Along my fourth semester journey i had three in class logo workshops. My professor would give me information about a company, and we would have two hours to design a logo for such company.

Just remember, a good designer almost always makes more than one version of the logo they create.