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The first out of three styles of Taichu Tissues
The second out of three styles of Taichu Tissues
The third out of three styles of Taichu Tissues
A retail AD that i designed
A consumer AD that i designed
Taichu Tissues

Taichu Tissues is a product that was designed by a team of designers from the ground up. We had to create the name, the package, the P.O.P, the ads, the astetciics, and basically every other thing a product has to it.

It was a 14 week project split by 5 individuals. I was one of them. We created Taichu Tissues by looking at No Name tissues and seeing what we would've done to change the product.

We created a re-fillable tissue box that can also be used as an elegant piece of interior design.

Taichu comes in a clear box with three different labels to choose from. The great design of the label can accent any interior space. If the consumer does not enjoy the glamorous look of the label, it is easily removable, and acts like a slip-on sleeve.