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Mill Creek Disc Golf Course logo

Client wanted to capture the essence of the course, located in the thumb area of Michigan. There are eagles, tons of trees, and the focal point of the property, Mill Creek. I wanted to design something that looks good scaled down and blown up. The script font was a bit of a battle in terms of choice, but when full size it really helps lend a classy touch to the piece.
Branding featured on Hammock Kings packaging and inserts.
Detroit Disc Golf logo design

This logo was a redesign meant to help push DDG's image forward. Featuring a sky and disc golf basket along with willow branches, which adorned the first course the company operated. The wings are meant to show the nature of the game of disc golf (taking flight), along with other details that pay homage to the course and its location.
Logo concept for a Detroit based dj collective. - This will eventually be mapped as art on to a 3D cigar. Please check out Cutltured Citizens if you are in to electronic music (house).
Axxis Off Road California logo - Edgy, aggressive, catchy. That is what the client came to me with 3 months ago. One of my most developed logos, it stands to be seen from Mexico to Canada in the very near future as it is featured on off road gear that will be used across North America and eventually the entire globe!
3030 logo design

Conceptual management solutions company. The logo is meant to convey a tech-savvy and digital vibe.
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D-Fence Alarm co. logo design

A Detroit based home security company. They wanted a logo that was bold, conveyed security, and made a nod towards the owners main territory.
WSU SVO logo design

Wayne State University Student Vets Organization - Logo was selected from a consortum of entries. It has multiple symbolic elements, as well as some more obvious elements that stand for various military related entities. I was very blessed to have this opportunity and to have won.
Newer client Legacy Memories, which provides media archiving and presentation solutions. The logo was very client drive in terms of layout, but in the end we both felt that a modern approach, with an easy to read font, and modular composition, was the way to go. The colors are meant to invoke emotion and warmth, almost like the glow of tv in the dark. The LM was hand crafted and has a slightly classic look, playing off the keeping of history by ancient cultures.
When phenomenal music producer J. Emery asked me to do a logo I was super excited. I am a fan of his music and loved the mood and vibe of his stuff. He requested the logo pay homage to his grandfather, a WWII pilot and plane buff. I drew out a plane outline, found a modern font with some classical elements, and fused them to create one unified piece. The client loved it and so do I. It gives the viewer a sense of flight, airiness, and elevation. All of which can be said for his music as well.
Sports Radio troupe Local Spin Detroit reached out with a simple request: Make a logo and branding identity that represents the city and its amazing sports tapestry.

The logo features subtly crafted elements from local teams and a bold and tough stamped vibe. Seen here on a pullover hoodie.
Street level marketing with slick branding can really snag attention. We put some cool sports trivia on Local Spin Detroit branded stickers and BOOM, followers increased rapidly and the radio show progressively had more listeners and downloads.
DJ Enjoi logo design

Meant to convey the dynamic nature of the dj and his performance style.
Detroit Winter Music Conference - As lead designer for the Detroit Winter Music Conference I was charged with creating a look, including logo and flyer, as well as event/venue art. The logo was a concept taken from a previous designer (just font choice) and then given some depth, an edge, and style via use of Illustrator. The idea is to convey a serious, techy, dark, and winterish look.
RAWS logo Detroit - A Christian based company that provides food to those in need via collections at various dj and electronic music events in and around Detroit and Toledo. The logos owner was fairly clear on what he wanted which left me to make it work within the parameters of a logo as well cool enough to be worn on shirts and other formats.
Belle Isle Disc Golf course logo - I love disc golf. Have for several years. So when I was approached to do the logo for the first EVER disc golf course in Detroit I was excited to say the least. A blend of my own photography, illustration art, and the style that "discers" have come to know create a logo that I love and is already embraced around the Michigan Disc Community!
iMONASiD Logo Zombie Style - One of the music scenes fastest rising dubstep djs contacted me about redoing a logo we had done previously. He wanted it more murky, more evil, more zombied! So, after a long hiatus of illustrated logo design this is what I came up with!
Nomadic Zen Logo - Logo for a energetic and amazing travel blog (nomadiczen.com). The outer stroke is called an "enso," a buddhist mark. The hiker is a composite of the author of the blog. We chose a simple but strong font to round out the design.
PEVEL Logo for US ARMY TACOM - Logo prelim done for the tank R=D company located in Warren, Mi.
Detroit Rave Scene Business Cards
Believe in the D Logo - I was apporached by an energetic young Detroiter with a travelers spirit and love for his home town, about doing an uplifting shirt dsign related to Detroit. I am a Detroit native, and I have a lot of pride in my city. The design is not totally of my creation. The seal itself is the official seal of Detroit. I took this and "painted" over the existing lines to help create a gritty, but not harsh, version of it.
Green Thumb Detroit Logo - Logo done for Detroit Caregiving company. Done by hand, I wanted to invoke a slightly "old school" vibe, making a logo that was catchy but still professional.
Elevator shirt logo - Client asked for 2 logos meant to be used both solo or in conjuction with each other. I basically took a general elevator signage layout and tweaked it. Better font and the noticable dj in the middle wearing headphones.
Nery Castro Logo - I love the simplicity of this logo I did for a Detroit dj (by the name of Nery Castro). The lines are strong, the design of the headphones compliments the font well. The basic style allows for any number of changes and patterns to be added.
Michigan Paranormal Investigation Team Logo - Fiarly straight forward design and style. Wanted a modern look, but with enough detail to convey the ghost/supernatural feeling (hence the ghosted tombstones in the background). Not a fav, but the client was 100% happy.
Commotion Designs Logo - After nearly 2 years of sketching and pondering my freelance companies logo I finally settled on this! The colors represent dynamic approaches, cutting edge, and a progressive attitude.
KGB Performance - Design done for a Michigan company that specializes in Rotary engine applications (specifically Rx-7 models)
MMF.com logo - DOne partially by hand, partially with Photoshop, then converted in to vector form within illustrator where I added additional features. This logo is for a local caregiving company and is meant to show a serious and professional approach to the medicinal marijuana caregivers firm. Other components such as the state, the colors scheme, and the symbols and font all have meanings that support the medicinal aspect, state wide reach, and sophistication of the company.
12 Gauge Persuasion Logo - Hard rock band 12 Gauge Persuasion came to me with a logo design job. Wanted to convey the following, drinking, rock, fighting, and with an old school style. So, hand drew the logo, threw it on Illustrator and digitized it. Project done.
Dirty D logo design ink blot - The 2nd version of the Dirty D productions logo (which the company chose as the winning design)
db Entertainment Logo - Renovation of older logo. Dolphin + Bison (names of the owners), plus wings = logo.
Panama Red logo - Detroit based band requested this logo design.
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Branding and Identity Design

I do logos for a wide variety of companies, ranging from MMA outfits, to tech companies, to off-road part manufacturing in California. I enjoy the process of creating a logo since it requires everything from sketching and communication to refinement and delivery in all the formats a client could need.

Freelance, Full-time
Nick Oliver
Designer, leader, thinker (Art Direction and Multimedia Design) Detroit, MI