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Housed joining mechanism - When joined together the central single wheel of the rear section is contained within the large center console running through the interior.
The double wheels of the front section are contained behind the 2nd row of passengers allowing for plenty of rear occupant leg room.
Basic layout of drive train - Vehicle uses 2x20kw in wheel motors powered by a 6kwh lithium ion battery at the rear. This is combined with a 2.0l biodiesel engine at the front, which charges the batteries when joined together. This gives the two a combined power output as well as individual driving capability when split.
Vision angles
Vision angles
Individual vehicle package - Control of rear vehicle section reverts to a drive-by-wire joystick method using front swing arm steering. This gives the small electric city explorer added maneuverability.
Individual vehicle vision angles
Individual vehicle vision angles
Fessura - Spec
Nick Orme
Designer Birmingham, United Kingdom