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Finger Eaterz game character design.
Finger Eaterz in-game mock-up.
Finger Eaterz loading screen.
Finger Eaterz pickups
3d tornado Mania - preview shots - gameshots made for a 3d tornado game
3d Tornado Mania - in game shots - Final game shots taken from QVGA version of the game.
Roller Coaster Rush 3d - Texture maps - 256x256 Texture page, used for the brew version of the game.
Top Model Empire - portraits - in-game portraits - 59x60 pixels approx.
Moto Racing Fever - 3d Model - 3d model and texture for the main character of the game.

image copyright digital chocolate 2008
Moto racing fever - rotating model - main character and bike.
Moto racing Fever - In-game character portraits.
Racing fever GT - 3d Model - Opponent vehicle in the 3d racing game.
Texture size 128x128
Racing fever GT - rotating model - ingame npc car.
2d Background graphics - Image created from 16x16 pixel tiles, developed for a mobile game concept.
Character head sketch.
Character head studies.
Character silhouette studies.
Tile painted for a game tutorial
Rollercoaster Rush preview shots - Preview shots for rollercoaster rush includes HUD design.
Rollercoaster Rush 3D - UI design - Layout for the user interface/menu system.
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