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SFF Tower 1/2
SFF Tower 2/2
SFF PC -Prototype - This is a proof of concept prototype showcasing the design of a small form factor computer. The goal? A design with character, something that wouldn`t look out of place in one`s living room. Effort has also been invested in minimizing size, power consumption and noise levels. The result is a machine well suited to a typical office workload (where the power savings from many indivudual machines could add up).

Dimensions: 19x19x7 cm
Power consumption: 13-18 watts

SFF PC -Walnut enclosure - A refined version retaining the minimal looks with some improvements in usability.
SFF PC -Aluminium enclosure 1/2 - The latest version of a series of small form factor computers. This one has slightly larger dimensions in order to accommodate more powerful components. Target applications: home, office, home theater PC.
SFF PC -Aluminium Enclosure 2/2
folding bicycle 1/2 - Designed to allow potential users enjoy the benefits of cycling when they would othrwise be put off by the difficulty of storing or carrying a full size bicycle.
folding bicycle 2/2 - Unlike other folding counterparts it maintains a full size frame. This gives it a purposeful look that does not intimidate the rider. More importanlty it allows it to have good road manners and comfortably accomodate adults.
centrifugal pump 1/2 - It is capable of quickly inflating objects thanks to it's continuous operation.
centrifugal pump 2/2 - The handle is extended and pulled back. Motion is transfered to the propeller with a one way motion tranfer mechanism.
cookie packaging - Packaging that displays the content and efectively protects it. Cost was estimated at 0.06 E per piece assuming a 60.000 unit production (in 2004).
flower packaging 1/2 - Packaging that can turn into a vase after serving it`s initial purpose.
flower packaging 2/2 - Once a vase, it has two intended drawbacks: the user has to cut the flower's stem before fitting it in and also fill the vase with water every day. The life of the flower is prolonged as a result.
ergo keyboard 1/2 - Split keyboard that accomplishes a good compromise between ergonomics and ease of use. While it retains the familiar QWERTY layout, it adresses many of it's inefficiencies. For instance, in order to reduce the stress on the right hand (which also has to use the mouse), many frequently used keys are placed on both sides of the keyboard (when they were previously only on the right side).
ergo keyboard 2/2 - The page up/down and home/end keys are replaced by 4-way scroll wheels while different textures and colours are used to more clearly group the keys according to their function. Finally, more functions are accessible by the more agile thumbs.
mp3 player - Playful shape that allows one handed operation.
portable dvd player 1/2 - A folding dvd player that sacrifices some portability in order to provide entertainment to more than one person. The large size also permits the use of cheap but sophisticated laptop components.
portable dvd player 2/2 - Instead of being hidden away, the speakers and user interface become an integral part of the design providing the device with character.
dual form factor boom box - A portable audio device with a dual form factor. The concentrical speaker design used reduces the impact of orientation on it's audio characteristics.
headphones 1/2 - Stereo headphones designed for comfort. The exposed magnets hint to the speakers' open design, known to be less tiresome over time.
headphones 2/2
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