A 1/4 scale model could hold my weight comfortably! 70 Kilos!
Disaster Relief Cardboard Toilet

A University assignment for Product Usability as an introduction to ergonomics. We were tasked to design a Cardboard toilet for a context of our choice, but it had to be Ergonomically justified. The design had to be made out of a single 1.5m x 1.5m sheet of double wall corrugated cardboard and preferably able to be flat-packed for transport.

The presentation was hand drawn and we presented a full-sized working cardboard model.

the project was full of research and sketching towards the beginning and the later stages were iterative modelling(about 20 small scale models) of the toilet and improvements at every step. This included weight testing and ease of assembly and structural integrity of the cardboard itself.

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Nic Kuipers
Mr Brisbane, Australia