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Matt Trakker Advertising Banner (2008) - A banner to advertise Matt Trakker's myspace page. The banner was made to have the look of a doodle and the characters are all taken from Trakker's lyrics. The logo from the animation has also been used as his band logo on gig posters.
Firesuite Forever December Advertising Banner (2007) - A banner to help advertise the release of Firesuite's new mini-album, 'Forever December'. This was intended for myspace pages and other networking sites.
Firesuite Advertising Banner (2007) - A simple banner with a picture of the band and a link to their myspace page.
Kansas Burns Advertising Banner (2007) - Another banner intended for myspace pages. I was involved with the artwork for the band's first EP, 'Stand By For Safety Instructions', and this was in the same style.
Duty Free Animated Buddy Icon (2005) - A buddy Icon for online forums etc created for the release of Rusted Relationships with the writing eventually getting completely covered with rust.
Martin Lowes Advertising Banner (2007) - A myspace banner to advertise the free download of Martin Lowes' then single, 'Just A Minute'.
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