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Poddington Peas Storybook Pictures (2007) - When working as Head of Ideas for a new Poddington Peas cartoon, I took a few days to write and draw a storybook in the same style as the originals to get in the right frame of mind. Above are some of the pages from the book.
Custom Rescue Racers Teaser (2007) - A teaser poster for a toy range I created for a Hamleys and D&AD Competition. Descriptions of the toys follow on the next pages.
Custom Rescue Racers Introduction (2007) - This page explains the Custom Rescue Racers storyline as well as the way that the toys would be presented. Please see full-size version.
Custom Rescue Racers Comic Strip Part One (2007) - The first two pages of an example of the comic book that would be included in a Rescue Racers toy pack. The idea behind these is for the children to identify with the characters and get their imaginations thinking of new adventures to have with the toys.
Custom Rescue Racers Comic Strip Part Two (2007) - The second two pages of the example comic book. The comic was created by rendering pen drawings in Photoshop.
Alpine Potential Users - Storyboards and Backgrounds (2006) - My first venture into drawing comic style characters. This was part of a group exercise, working with Alpine to design uses for Dual Screen software in cars and to come up with scenarios where it might be used. The characters were drawn in pen and rendered in Photoshop before being laid out onto photographs I had taken.
Short Story Quick Sketch (2006) - This is an unfinished idea for some art for a short story/song I had been writing about living in the past and ignoring the present and future.
Where Synthesisers Get Their Sounds From (2009)
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Nick Warne
I like making things! Sheffield, United Kingdom