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Dell uses Macro Trend research to give us a vision of how our customers will be reacting to today’s global driving forces. These trends, combined with a thorough understanding of our customer + brands inform all aspects of Dell’s product, usability, and surface design. These broad shifts in technology, society and culture will combine to shape consumer attitudes and behaviors towards consumer electronics in the immediate future.
The 7000 consumer mood is purposefully uncluttered and minimal. Enhanced everyday living. They strive to make day-to-day life better, through beautiful and innovative products and materials made to suit their function. Embracing a less-is-more mentality while maintaining exclusivity.
The 5000 consumer applauds those who think outside of the box and refuses to be boxed in. They are dedicated to doing good and knowing what is right. They will take action, engage others and seek other points of view.
Today’s 3000 consumer seeks tactile surfaces and products to counteract their digital apathy. They want an experience that is overall human, comfortable, warm and familiar. The visual mood sees moments that evoke connections and allow the user to feel more human. It’s a soft look, embracing sensuality and intimacy.

CMF partnered with ID to analyze previous season's data by product segment, retailer and region. Strategy was put in place for laptops and accessories. CMF worked cross-departmentally to make sure each product was executed successfully.
We identify key drivers we predict will come to define people’s demands on technology and consumer electronics. Using those drivers and our brand insights, CMF creates a material and color palette to inspire the direction.

Very rough sample of our Consumer Design + Surface Themes shown in collaborative Miro board.

This was the beginning of the research based on customer needs with additional Insights from leading trend services.
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2021 Dell Consumer Insights
Freelance, Full-time
Nicola Honeycutt
CMF Design/Creative Strategist Austin, TX