Pear-shaped Diamond Gold Ring
Pigeon's Blood Ruby, 1.73 carats
Diamond Platinum Necklace, 47.52 total carat weight
Cushion-cut Colombian Emerald, 15.34 carats
Cabochon Star Sapphire, 12.09 carats
Oval Opal, 37.21 carats
Antique Colombian Emerald Gold Cross, 7.00 carats
4 carat Ruby, Pearl, & Diamond Platinum Pendant
155.56 carat Colombian Emerald Hermes Carving & 47.95 carat Ceylon Sapphire Lion Carving
Padparadscha Sapphire Gold Necklace
3.21 carat Colombian Emerald Platinum Ring
Step-cut Ceylon Sapphire, 15.53 carats
3.85 carat Pear-shaped Colombian Emerald & Diamond Gold Earrings
Sugarloaf Cabochon Sapphire Yellow Gold Ring, 22.51 carats
Pearl Necklace with Ruby & Diamond Platinum Clasp
Pear-shaped Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Ring, 1.24 carats
Diamond Platinum Ring, 3.46 carats
Pair of French-cut Diamonds, 6.22 total carat weight
Cushion-cut Diamond, 3.02 carats
Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Ring, 3.66 carats
Art Deco Cartier Diamond Platinum Broach
Spinel & Garnet Diamond Gold Ring by David Michael
Step-cut Minor Oil Colombian Emerald, 5.11 carats
Old Mine L, VS1 Diamond Gold Ring, 2.01 carats
Carré-cut Burma Ruby Art Deco Bangle, 8.00 total carat weight
Georgian Cushion-cut Burma 3.12 carat Ruby & Diamond Ring
Step-cut Diamond Platinum Earrings, 14.73 total carat weight
Jewelry & Gemstone Photography

Product photography and digital file correction.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Nicole Fournier
Production Artist, Photo Editor, Retoucher, Photographer, & Artist Los Angeles, CA