Oke 9 (2010) - Moveble bottom seat for difable legs
Folwod (2010) - Compact wood folding chair
Aqua Scan (2012) - Automatic water counting for monitor water consumption
Mushika (2010) - High speed mini formula
Balade (2011) - Trendy campus bike
Unica (2010) - Super economic single seater urban car
KIKU Project (2011) - Mobile compact home theatre system
KIKU 50' (2011) - Vintage mobile compact home theatre system
Arvis (2011) - drone for SAR team to search the victim in forest area
Mobile Studio (2012) - Mobile studio for SPKK researcher
Boxa (2011) - Compact speaker with wood material
Blaster (2010) - Modular compact home theatre for small room
Kiara - Land Installation
Nur - Furniture with inspiration from bonfire activity
Nur Stool
Park Lamp
Park bench
Enigma - Compact Speaker and radio
Saskia - Public furniture with inspiration by Sundanese traditional script
Benpip - Public furniture
Product Design Project

These are several project i did in product design field