Rec-Pad ? "Rec" stands for its rectangular shape. Rec-Pad consist of a writing board which is easily to erase and using "magnetophoretic" concept. The Rec-Pad are created to supply for primary school at village area of Africa. By using Rec-Pad, we can going paperless and save the environment. The material for Rec-Pad also environment-friendly and robust suitable with Africa lifestyle. The student can drews pictures on a board with a special magnetic stylus and erased whatever wrote with a swipe of another movable bar attached at Rec-Pad. Here, I want to help to give quality education to early primary education as their country always have army conflict,economies issue,health problem and poor lifestyle. Eventhough, Unicef has help them, they have to improve their education as their education level are lower and slower at the back. We should give them enough education just like our country get. We as human being must have humanity sense and feeling for together to improve them.

Ainaa Nadhirah
Industrial Design, Kuala Lumpur Puchong, Malaysia