Rapid Prototyped
Material removal to save on cost
Construction of the horizontal elevators
Gluing them together
All parts now constructed
The tray was used to hold the parts at the angle that I wanted
more primer and sanding work...
painted handle bars
assembled horizontal elevators
Painted the interior details while the bike was apart
I then used a latex "Magic Mask" to mask off the silver...
applied decals
I then had to scribe in the detailed part lines
Again...more scribing...
and some more...
I had to dremil a few sections to make clearance for my chair.
completed wings
Added a little bit of a distressed look
checking my fittings making sure everything lined up
I used a dowl rod to make my rear wheels
adding some spot putty to fill my seams
once it dried I hit it with some 220 grit
Finished the surface work on my rudder and chair so I threw some flat black on them
Did the same with my Bike.
Getting ready to apply my home made carbon fiber decals
I used a transparent decal sheet and printed a carbon fiber texture on it.
then applied it to my already black rudder to give it depth
Threw on my first coat of Sublime greem
waiting for the rudder to dry
Had to make my own numbers
Rudder with a few coats of clear to give it more depth
last coat of green
Yea...the latex "magic mask" worked great when I tested it...
but didnt work so well when I added paint...
so it then ruined my finish...
and turned to a rubber cemet like crap on me
painful...i know. I was picking it off with tweezers for hours
then i just quit...
I prceeded to power wash the entire bike to get all the latex off,while it dried I made a stand
this is it after the power washing, took alot of the paint off but i knew it would
I just needed all the latex off.
Then sanded it and got the surfacing back
reminded me of restoring a classic junkyard car here with all the worn paint and bondo
Had to go back once more and repair all my seams and anything that got damaged in the power washing
Spent a few hours masking it all up. Had to get creative with how I did it.
Came out much better this time
Went back in to paint all my details, it was much harder this time now that the bike was assembled
Added the horizontal elevators
Built a set of rear landing gear
Built it out of styrine and then added my wheels to it
Painted it all black and then painted the sections silver where the gear would go.
used a Febreze bottle for the curved shapes since it matched and built 2 doors and a cradle
then taped the doors to the cradle so they had some movement and taped it together
I then drilled some pins into the rear rudder so i could take it on and off and I WAS DONE!
Came out really nice. Lot of work but well worth it.
Building of the RED BULL Aero Bike
Freelance, Full-time
Daniel Nikonchik
Chief Designer for WetWorks Racing Katy, TX