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best seller at F21 - RUN-DMC, licensed design :D
100% burnout w/overdye process - For Target :3
anchor burnout tee - sold at delias.
+ verbiage assortment +
+ F21 +
+ F21 +
+ F21 +
+ F21 +
+ happy +
+ F21 +
+F21+ - Fall/Winter 2010 stuff :3
prissy giraffe; available at delias - the CAD illustration for this is in the CAD section of my portfolio :D

+ urban behavior +
+ urban behavior +
+ urban behavior +
+ aztec spring 2011 + - Forever 21.
+ aztec spring 2011 + - Forever 21.
+ nautical group +
+ f21 sweatshirts +
+ chain eagle +
+ steve martino freelance/Heritage graphic + - i like the choppy look of this :3
+ steve martino freelance/Heritage graphic # 2 + - Delias rejected this, so I tossed it over to F21 :3
+ assorted samples +
+ delias freelance +
+ fashion girl repeat +
+ nerd date + - sold at F21 :3
+ 'retro' sweatshirt +
+ made it to WGSN + - which is hilarious, considering the shirt was sold at Forever 21, which is very mass-market and not that trendy...
+ nerdy couple and nautical flags +
+ samples from the month of april + - all F21; military trends slowly leaking down to the world of juniors :3
+ front/back sublimation +
+ front/back sublimation +
+ mystical eagle + - sublimation sample on biker crop.
+ more WOM line stuff +
+ generic punk tee + - funny story associated with this one: a male employee of Urban Outfitters was seen wearing this shirt :3
+ nerdy kitten + - Forever 21. This copy was damaged D:
+ nerd tee + - F21.com
90's inspired david bowie at F21 <3
90's inspired pink floyd at F21 <3
smart cookie tee at F21 - this is a personal favorite...way too cute.
assorrted stuff from WOM line - hand-done fringes and studs, + variety of fashion bodies. some recent favorites of mine. The male portrait on the bottom left is actually a sublimation tee with a 100% burnout process.
+ WOM line stuff + - hand done studs for the Debbie Harry, and a House of Gods inspired Audrey H.
snoopy on veggie wash
MIA ( SPIN magazine cover license )
Run Dmc crop tee, 9o's inspired - crop top tee.
ACDC sample - if i could redo this, i'd remove some of the excess lines, especially around the top. a prime example of good art on an inappropriate body.
Blondie Crop tee, 90's inspired - crop tee.
Debbie Harry sample w/gold rhinestones - for F21
Jimi tee - this sold to Delias recently, look out for it :3
Back of Jimi tee
F21 Angus tee - the pixelated effect comes from the halftone filter in photoshop :D
unicorn w/silver metallic ink - i like the intentionally rough/freehand look on these.
Cat w/bowtie and gold foil. - i want my own copy of this shirt...sadly, it has yet to happen.
i only date nerds - sold at F21 :D
personal tees - the one on the left is hand drawn. the one on the right is an old drawing printed at cafepress.
rock tees ( one of a kind, not sold ) - these were printed with a new vegetable dye technique--creates very bold colors while maintaining super soft feel
Best Friends Tee - sold at F21
word of mouth label, close-up
rhinestone motif, close up
french bulldog tee - currently at charlotte russe
juniors tees - sold at Delias. :D
new generation hypercolor tee - screen on hypercolor chemically treated garment. Bought by Forever21.
bowie strikeoff close-up - i have a hard time obtaining strikeoffs of my own designs...nevertheless, obtained a David Bowie. Which made me pretty happy.
tee batch - when i designed the flower tee, i was still working under 'FREEZE', which is a separate label from Word of Mouth. same with the amsterdam tee. the Iggy Pop, however, is Word of Mouth.
giant scribble raccoon - recently sold to Delias.
skull, close-up
iggy pop
pink floyd on burnout - sold at Delias.
Lauren F
T-shirt Graphic Artist NYC, NY