An experiment about light, material, and space with Sputnik as a theme.

I did an experiment using iridescent film which has a strong character. By using this material as the main element, we could study many things related to light such as the reflection, refraction, and shadow.

I tried many positions and angles of the light, different light sources, and different shape of the film. From all the experiments I found the strongest light effect by using this film with certain angle of light and the shape of the film itself.

I also utilized a revolving system which is one of the characteristics of the universe, to show different effects from different angles of the light. I used a rotating motor which is hanged on the ceiling. To produce this kind of effect I used a spot LED with a certain angle to project directly to the film.

For the theme itself, I described the space as a universe, the triangles as galaxies and the light as the sputnik.

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