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Wooden Toy - This is Poko. One day Poko tired of his boring white surroundings and hitched an iceberg to the tropics, where he could eat all kinds of colorful fish. A two-player game for 3-6 year olds that teaches them color theory. Each player has their own set of fish. As each successive piece is turned over, players must first state the relation between the two (ie“complementary!”). The loser feeds their fish to Poko. When the game is over, most of the cleanup is done.
Sketches - Poko is hollowed out to make space to store the fish and color chart. The base has a counter weight in it, this is what makes him waddle.
He waddles! - A counterweight hidden in the base brings him back up when you push him over.
How it works - The game pieces are stored inside Poko's belly.
Poko eats fish
Wooden fish - They make a lovely click when they touch
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Ana Masut
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