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Dining Chair - Made in collaboration with Jenny Vogler and Félix Lavoie-Gariépy, this dining room chair was made to stack horizontally instead of vertically. The seat is made of fiberglass slats of varying widths to modulate the degree of flexibility needed in different areas of the chair (the backrest and buttock area, where much weight is placed, bends to distribute the force and increase comfort). The slats are bound together in a cloth lining, which is removable for washing.
Dining Chair, rear view - The prototype is in mahogany.
Early models - Early on we thought it might open in the front (studio model above left). We found that if it opened in the back instead, the ergonomics where greatly improved.
Remove cover to stack - We wanted it to be easy to get these chairs out of the way. Though vertical stacking is the norm, we felt it would be more practical to make it easier. Instead of lifting, now anybody (including grandma, and mom with little brother on her hip) can stack the chairs without effort or the use of more than one hand.
How to - The canvas cover keeps the fiberglass slats inside firmly in position, but can be removed for washing or replacement.
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