Book cover Illustration and Design - Book cover illustration and design for "Girl, Leave HER Man Alone!" by Dionne Mahaffey.
Take You On A Cruise - Serene, color-saturated vector illustration of a young woman enjoying the view from the veranda of a cruise ship.
The Creative Mind in a Gray Partitioned World - Whimsical, offbeat three-panel comic illustration of a young creative driven to hallucination by his stifling office job.
Creme Brulee - Luscious rendering of a gourmet creme brulee on bone china drizzled with strawberry sauce. Inspiration courtesy of my eyes, my taste buds, and the Hyatt Regency.
It's Chinatown - A film noir-inspired surreal expression of scorn and revenge. A bit of a walk on the dark side...but still oozing color. :)
Now Showing: Happiness - A detailed fantastical rendering inspired by my hometown of Albuquerque in summer.
Ryan - A "Scanner Darkly" style portrait of my husband in a plastic viking helmet.
Moskstraummen - Dark illustration of an ominous-looking Viking ship battling a monstrous storm on the sea. Designed for "Hauter Than Hell", an emerging line of heavy metal-inspired apparel.
Universe 7-Stringed Guitar - A technical, yet creative, rendering of an Ibanez Universe 7-stringed guitar.
The Magician - Original interpretation of a classic Tarot card concept.
The Fool - Original interpretation of a classic Tarot card concept.
Book Cover Art - Book cover illustration for "The Case of the Bouncing Grandma," by A.K. Arenz.
Martian dog - This colorful children's illustration combines the wonders of science and imagination in a fun, vibrant visual composition. Custom User Avatars - An extensive set of characteristic elements (including facial features, hair styles, hats, accessories, etc.) for Triviala users to create a likeness in their own style and personality.
Ashanti at School - Illustration of a school girl, drawn from model.
Tiffany - Fashion illustration, drawn from model.
Allisun - Illustration of a young woman practicing the Upward Dog yoga pose.
Self Portrait - [Unleashing my inner Charlie's Angel.]
Colorful Digital Illustration
Natalie N. Niemi
Graphic Artist/Illustrator Albuquerque, NM