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Eightx8 is a modular shipping container that can be assembled in various configurations. Corrugated walls and doors easily attach to the frames for shipping and conform to existing shipping industry infrastructure. After shipping, the frames are reused for a second life. The modular frames accept universally attaching walls, floors and ceilings, making it the ideal infrastructure for a variety of applications, such as home extensions, apartments, clinics, emergency shelters and school additions.

This was a group project. I was primarily involved in the structural aspect of the project, and was also involved in the physical model making as well as some parts of the CAD modeling. The images shown represent the work of 12 people including myself.

Credits: Kristen Barcheski, Jon Falcon, Miguel Herrera, Elijah Hooper, Ryan Hume, Noah Jack, Nolan Leh, Bryce Moulton, Anna Perrella, Justin Riehl, Ryan Smalley and Will Wheaton of Western Washington University

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Noah Jack
Industrial Designer Portland, OR