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Research: User, Market, Typical tools needed
I then sketched 20 unique ideas which approached the problem in different ways. For example, by taking the tools out of the pocket and putting them on something people already carry, by making the tools, or by reducing the size of items already in the pocket.
I took the 5 best concepts into illustrator for further design refinement. Gerber then chose one concept that we took all the way to refinement. I chose to brake the tools up into a family, in order to get more tool options without loosing functionality.
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Physical modeling: design refinement / proof of concept
Phase 2 - Design refinement.

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Phase 2 - Functionality explanation (page 2)

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ZipTool: Multi, shown on a backpack
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ZipTool: Allen, shown on a Cyclist's rain jacket
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ZipTool: Data, shown on a laptop sleeve
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Final concept rendering
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CAD rendering (not a photo), modeled in SolidWorks, rendered in KeyShot
zip tools

GDC Zipper Tools for Gerber Legendary Blades

The goal for this project was to address the decline of everyday-carry tool sales as a result of personal electronics using up pocket real-estate. The objective was to create a product that provided great benefit to the user with minimal change in their daily routine.

Designed to bring Gerber tools seamlessly into everyday life, ZipTools come with you when you leave the house, on the gear you already bring along. Each tool clicks into a quick release buckle onto gear with an integrated ZipTool system.

Freelance, Full-time
Noah Jack
Industrial Designer Portland, OR