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NZN Branding
NZN Branding
Branding for NZ Natural
Mother's Day Special: Spunky Mama Designer Sundae
NZN New Product: Mini-Cones
NZN 30:30 Promo
Newsletter - for Queensbay Mall Penang
NZN Mango Sorbet THP Promo
Mango Sorbet THP Promo
Serious Melting Awaits - Mothers' Day event at Curve comprising of games and activites with celeb mums and their children.
NZN Badges - Badges design for NZN.
Like Making People Happy? - Lots of people pass by our stores everyday, most are happy while some are not.

With every RM1 donated, New Zealand Natural will contribute RM1 into this 'Make People Happy' Fund.

We’ll use this fund to buy ice cream for people who seem to be having a rough day.

The 'Make People Happy' Fund – Its one way we can help spread the joy of life.
Upright Freezer Stickers
Serving HOPE in every SCOOP - An A3 artwork for the ice creams that are sold at NZ Natural's month long catering event held at PJ Live Arts.
New Design for NZN Vouchers
New Design for NZN Vouchers
New Zealand Natural RM5off Voucher Flyer - Front view.
New Zealand Natural RM5off Voucher Flyer - Back view
Ice Cream Labels for freezers
Kids decorate for FREE! - An standee to be placed next to our toppings table to illustrate the steps, allowing our child customers to decorate their ice creams with toppings.
Stickers for Kids!
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New Zealand Natural
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