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Back in 2007 I made the first prototype of the 'evo' folding desk/table. The second and third pieces, named 'evo_2' were made in 2008. One of them went to Italy for a photo-shoot and was sold there.
In 2014 a request for another desk came, so I decided to make the final changes of the design. After all the third 'evo'-table is at my place, so I could experience all the merits and weaknesses during the years.
Here is the 'evo_3' table. Lighter, stronger and simplified.
Size: W/L/H - 800/1600/750 mm
Thickness when folded - 74 mm
Materials: veneered plywood 18 mm, stainless steel.
In production.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Ivan Arnaudov
architecture and furniture design Sofia, Bulgaria