3D Vision Exhibit

The 3D Vision Exhibit was created as a one-off exhibit for the Discovery Children's Museum in Las Vegas.
This exhibit features 3 type of 3D visual technologies for the visitor to experience.
This includes:
A Stereoscopic Viewer with a rotary disk of images (like a Viewmaster). Each image includes a right and left view seen individually through the eyepiece.

Anaglyph Glasses. These are the classic blue and red glasses most are used to. The visitor uses a handheld pair of lenses to view the anglyphic images scrolling on the video screen.

Passive Polarized: Also using a pair of handheld lenses, the visitor views the video screen, this time scrolling through polarized 3d images.

The exhibit shows the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.

I created this exhibit from concept all the way through final production and install.

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Nathan Guice
Senior Design Engineer - Playgrounds, Special Projects Nashville, TN