Firebat II:
A small short range VTOL aircraft for fast attack and quick response missions.
Intended as an update to the original Cobra FireBat as seen here:
Trouble Bubble II: Flight Pod
An updated take on the original:
The goal was to provide a better protected cockpit for the occupant and a better balanced flight propulsion system.
Arctos: Arctic Mission Platform
Intended as a successor to the GI Joe SnowCat
The Arctos maintains many of the features of the original vehicle while adding additional capabilities and upgrades such as expanded 4-man cabin, and larger capacity MLRS.
Cobra Armored Transport
Based loosely on the Lazar II 8x8 MRAV
Dragonhawk: VTOL
Toy Vehicle Concepts for 3.75" Action Figures

As a child in the 80s, I grew up playing with GI Joes and watching the cartoons. Now as an adult, I sometimes dabble in concepts based on vehicles from that toyline/cartoon series, Either these are 3d models of the original vehicles (with an emphasis on realistic details) or these are concepts for new or updated vehicles (30 years later).

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Nathan Guice
Senior Design Engineer - Playgrounds, Special Projects Nashville, TN